Behind Thunder + Lace

I founded Thunder + Lace in early 2016. It began as a simple Instagram account intended to help me break through my own insecurities related to authenticity and self expression. Following a challenging period in my journey with chronic illness, I found myself stifled and hesitant to openly talk about the topics that lit a fire inside of me, even to those closest to me. So, I chose to create a platform dedicated to talking about those things in hopes of cultivating my genuine sense of self again. By opening up and sharing my relationship with wellness and the pursuit of a clean lifestyle, I've had the pleasure of connecting with so many unapologetically bold, inspiring, like minded individuals. Being so welcomed in the clean living space was incredibly affirming for me. I found myself stumbling into a role I hadn't anticipated - not only was this endeavor helping me, I was getting messages from others telling me that I was helping them! All by daring to just be me and talk about the things that I care about. This sense of affirmation called me to go one step further and bring my passions for wellness and the arts together into one. In mid 2017 I began creating the original green beauty + wellness illustrations; they were so well received it got me thinking...By the end of the year Thunder + Lace officially evolved into my small creative business where I offer my creative skillsets professionally to brands in the space. I hope to grow my passions into avenues that foster further connection with my community through education and creativity. I view Thunder + Lace as my diverse wellness identity. It is my continued path to healing, my pursuit of balance and authenticity, and my platform as an multi-media artist. 

I am a passionate advocate for wellness topics such as mind + body health, ethical and healthful beauty, whole food nutrition and sustainable agriculture, and conscious consumerism. Through my personal healing journey, I discovered a greater understanding of topics like these and greatly value the opportunity to share my experience and knowledge. Through educating about such topics, I hope to inspire others to make healthier decisions in their daily lives; always keeping in mind 'better, not perfect.' As an independent maker, I specialize in digital illustration for print materials, marketing campaigns, and social media visuals, as well as content creation within the wellness industry.

I am a graduate of the University of Washington's Interdisciplinary Visual Art program. The arts have been a passion of mine since childhood - attending an arts magnet 6-12 school for my early education that exposed me to artistic methods ranging from filmmaking to ceramics, modern dance to print design. I developed a specific interest in printmaking in college, as well as mixed media works on paper, photography, and illustration.

I'm incredibly grateful for the opportunity to apply my creative skillset toward projects with businesses and other individuals who share my passion for mind + body wellness. Thank you for visiting and for supporting independent creatives!

The name Thunder + Lace was inspired by the process of finding balance between the contrasting aspects of myself. Masculine and feminine energies, power and gentility, bravery and rest. It's been my experience that when we work toward caring for and accepting all parts of our authentic selves, it opens the door to complete mind + body wellness. In the same vein now, instead of choosing one of my passions to pursue, I'm choosing to pursue my whole self and the genuine nurturing of each individual part.