Beauty Philosophy

Through my wellness journey, my view of beauty has completely evolved. I've come to view beauty as a method of self love and a further extension of my wellness practices. I've found a deeper connection with myself through exercising greater mindfulness about my skin and personal care product choices. I now strongly believe that beauty and skincare products can, and should, enhance our sense of wellbeing. In the pursuit of a healthier lifestyle, I think this topic is important to pay mind to. 

When I discovered the lack of regulation on cosmetic and personal care ingredients in the US, and the unsettling truth that many of them have been linked to poor environmental and health outcomes, I knew I was being called to make the same changes that I had made to my diet. While our skin, our largest organ, protects our bodies from a lot, some ingredients are deeply absorbed and can have negative effects on our systems. I began researching ingredients, connecting with makers who prioritize safer, naturally focused, sustainable, and honest formulation, and slowly transitioned my conventional products to, what I consider to be, healthier ones. I know first hand how time consuming and daunting the introduction into healthful beauty, commonly known as green beauty, can be. Between having to decipher which labels are trustworthy and the initial struggle of finding alternatives for former favorites, the whole process can lead to a lot of frustration. Not to mention the common scare tactics and defeating perfectionism that are rampant in the space - it can all be extremely overwhelming. I knew that many people wouldn't have the time or energy to do the research that I had. Enter the 'somehow stumbling into becoming a beauty blogger' part of my story. I wanted to try my best to take the guesswork out of making these changes, because I feel that they are incredibly important. I'm grateful to be able to use my knowledge and platform to help others choose healthier!

Beauty Detox is a regular infographic series on the Thunder + Lace Instagram page. I created the series to highlight popular conventional products and high quality healthy swaps for them. Most detail my actual swaps - others are based on formula and performance similarities. Take a look below for more examples like the one to the left! 

I view my relationship with beauty as a wellness practice. One that has enhanced my sense of community, self love, and wellbeing. I define healthful beauty as products that put our health first.  Ingredient wise, I look for products to be crafted intentionally from high quality, sustainable, and/or organic ingredients. For this reason I almost exclusively support independent makers and formulators. I prioritize avoiding ingredients ending in 'paraben' or 'eth', synthetic fragrance, phthalates, PEGs, and petroleum based ingredients due to the particularly strong research suggesting their negative health effects. I am also conscious about the use of synthetic dyes, allergens like gluten appearing in cosmetics, and unnecessary fillers. All of the products that I use are cruelty free.


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