Honesty is the foundation of everything I do.

It's important to me to be clear about the nature of the content that I present. Some of the links on this site are affiliate links. Meaning that if you make a purchase through those links I will receive a small commission. There is never an added cost to you! When blog posts contain affiliate links it will always be clearly stated. When content is sponsored it will be clearly stated. When products being mentioned were generously gifted to me, it will also be clearly stated. I have no reason to not be transparent about this because I exclusively work with brands who share my values.  

I am only an affiliate for brands that I personally use, love, and wholeheartedly support. In fact, I only publish content about products and brands that I love and wholeheartedly support. I do not accept payment in exchange for positive reviews; every opinion you see on this website and my other platforms is genuine and my own. Products reviewed by me have been tested for at least 20 days. I invest this time into my reviews so that I can provide the most helpful, thorough reviews possible.  

If no affiliate disclosure or gift disclosure is present in a post, I have purchased the mentioned product with my own funds. For clarification sake, I typically state this in posts.

Including affiliate links from my favorite and most trusted brands and occasionally doing sponsored content with brands who share my values helps to support my blog + creative business. These small commissions go directly toward the costs of printing, shipping, and everything else that makes this little dream of mine run smoothly! My sincere thanks for your understanding! 


Through my own health journey I discovered a passion for wellness. I love sharing my experiences, but I am not a medical professional.

All topics covered and statements made on this website and my other platforms are representative of my personal beliefs and are not intended to represent scientific fact unless explicitly stated. While I minored in Nutritional Science in college and have done extensive research on the topic and related topics, I am not a registered dietician or nutritional coach. While I enjoy sharing what has helped me in my healing journey, I am not a medical professional. All topics regarding health, wellness, and diet are reflective of my personal experience and are not intended as medical advice. No statements or opinions on this website or my other platforms should be taken as medical advice; please seek guidance from a licensed medical professional for any health problems or symptoms you may be experiencing.