Healthful Beauty: Axiology Natural Organic Lipstick

Finch (my Corgi) and I recently teamed up with vegan + organic beauty brand Axiology for their Kind to All Kind campaign, a social initiative aiming to bring awareness to cruelty free beauty and basically, being nicer to ourselves and each other! Because, YES. We need that kind of energy kicking off 2018. Feeling inspired, I wanted to take this opportunity to showcase this brand that has quickly become a personal favorite.

In this busy little world we live in, kindness often takes the back seat to convenience, schedule, and impatience. Personally, I'm all about challenging what is pushed on us, what we're expected to do, and stopping to ask whether or not our choices have a positive impact. While this mindfulness takes many shapes in my life, one major way this manifests is by choosing not only healthier, but cruelty free products. 

You might be tempted to pop into your local Target and grab a L’Oreal, Covergirl, or Maybelline lipstick if a new shade is on your wish list - I used to before I learned more about common cosmetic industry practices. Even though the convenience factor and price point might be nice, these three names are among the many conventional brands that still test on animals. I wont get into the disturbing details in this post, but just know that the vast majority of household, well known brands actively test their products on animals. These tests often end in euthanasia due to pain and discomfort, and the test subjects are not just rats and mice, they can include cats, rabbits, dogs, and even nonhuman primates. If you follow me you know that I believe beauty should enhance our sense of community, wellbeing, and self love. Using toxic and unhealthy products that necessitate inhumane treatment of animals to deem them "safe" simply doesn't fit into my beauty philosophy. 

Kind to animals, our planet, + ourselves.


When swapping my conventional beauty products for greener options I look at the health, sustainability, and ethics behind a brand and product. What also has to be there are results comparable to my former favorites. I'm not someone who will force myself to use a product just because it meets my moral and eco ideals. If it doesn't work, I'm moving onto the next. You can probably imagine that it's an exciting moment when I find a brand that ticks all of the boxes; Axiology is one of them, and I'm going to give you all of the details!

Based in one of my favorite places on Earth, the Central Oregon high desert (Bend to be exact), Axiology is a true innovator in the green beauty space. The brand is the brainchild of Ericka Rodriguez, a longtime vegan and fellow healthful beauty enthusiast. Ericka is one of many founders and formulators with humble beginnings who are now completely changing the game thanks to their unwavering dedication to quality and performance. After many formulation trials, Ericka finally perfected her ingredient combo - just 10 key ingredients that are all natural, vegan, gluten free, and palm oil free. By sourcing the highest quality natural and vegan ingredients, there is no need for safety testing; these ingredients (like Avocado Oil, Orange Essential Oil, and Coconut Oil) are already deemed safe for use. Axiology also prioritizes sustainability in their packaging; their paper boxes are handmade in a woman-owned recycled paper boutique on the island of Bali, utilizing 100% paper waste found on the island itself. 

Albeit impressive and important to me, what makes Axiology's lip products stand apart in the space the most isn't the health focus and sustainability of their brand, it's the striking and dimensional array of shades and finishes that their line boasts. I've been lucky enough to try multiple products of theirs, and across the board I have been blown away by how rich the pigmentation and color payoff is with these lipsticks. On top of that, they are some of the silkiest, most blendable, and most buildable lipsticks I've used (conventional included.) "I couldn’t find brands that were hip and luxurious and also possessed an ethical component. That’s when I decided to start my own." Ericka is quoted on the Axiology website. I think its fair to say that she succeeded! 

Pictured to the left: Lipsticks in Worth and The Goodness, Lip Crayon in Valor. (Oh yeah, and their packaging is absolutely stunning!)

To give you a peek at the depth and pigment of Axiology's lipsticks, I wanted to include lip swatches of a few favorite shades. From left to right: Elusive, The Goodness, Worth, Devotion, Attitude, and Infinite. You can see the variety of finishes, opacity levels, and undertones.

Elusive: a creamy, richly pigmented warm-toned red with deep brown/orange undertones. This reads like a true brick red on me and I'm obsessed!
The Goodness: a luminous, semi-sheer blush pink with a cool-toned, silvery sheen. The perfect everyday pick. 
Worth: a creamy, richly pigmented warm-toned red with a vibrant orange undertone. A unique pop to dress up or down.
Devotion: a luminous, semi-sheer light coral with a warm-toned, copper sheen. Layer it on for a richer coppery glow. 
Attitude: a luminous, semi-sheer hot pink with a cool-toned, blue sheen. Beautiful dabbed on lightly, or built up for maximum drama!
Infinite: a luminous, semi-sheer deep red with dark violet, black, and brown undertones and a warm-toned sheen. My perfect daytime red lip. 

Every lipstick shade, whether intensely pigmented or more sheer, wears beautifully. These formulas are non-drying and keep lips feeling nourished and supple. They are not kiss or drink proof, but fade naturally with wear; the richer shades leave a natural stain on the lips, while the less opaque shades simply fade into your natural lip tone. You can shop Axiology online at, and through Sephora here! Next on my wish list? Shades Philosophy, Bad, and Intrinsic. 

The links in this post are non-affiliate links, this is not a sponsored feature. Most shades featured were personally purchased, some were gifted for the Kind to All Kind Campaign.