Your brand’s visual marketing is a powerful opportunity to tell your story. Illustration in branded content has been shown to increase engagement, make your content more memorable, and make your brand appear more friendly and creative. Illustration in digital content, print materials, and packaging is a serious trend that isn’t going anywhere! Let me help your brand stand out with hand-drawn elements. 

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Product photography

 Professional product photography is one of the most effective tools to communicate your brand value to your target customers. High quality, creative images demonstrate your products, professionalism, and overall story with impact. Your visual media represents your business; I can help you put your best foot forward.

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print design

I don’t only work with brands! I offer bespoke illustration services to individuals including custom portraiture of couples, families and even your furry best friend. Have something unique in mind? Contact me and I can help you bring it to life!

Event stationary design will be available mid 2019.

Ingredient focused snapshots for an ingredient conscious line


Making key ingredients shine was the goal of this product photography session for skincare company OY-L. As a brand that values natural and botanical ingredients in their formulas, the goal was to showcase those components in their most natural form. Representing pomegranate seed oil with a whole fruit, for example, gave vibrancy to this brand imagery and clearly communicated each product’s story. Specific attention to light and shadow, as well as a neutral backdrop, complimented their minimalistic packaging.

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Whimsical illustrations paint the tales of hand-poured candles


Illustrated elements provide a unique opportunity to tell the stories of products. In working with Bridge Nine Candle Co., an artisanal and woman-owned candle company located in Portland, Oregon, my focus was to highlight each candle’s personality and scent profile in an innovative way. These hand-drawn visuals brought a creative and engaging element to the brand’s social media profiles, website, and print marketing. Emphasizing their signature teal shade in each piece added the perfect personal touch.

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Stylized photography for a barber-owned grooming line


A lot goes into telling a brand story. Product photography that takes your brand personality into consideration can take that message much farther. For Brü Grooming, a Vancouver, Washington based company that is crafting high quality contemporary takes on grooming classics, this meant capturing their Pacific Northwest roots, timeless barbering influence and attention to quality.

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Storefront sketches to highlight local stockists


There is always a way to creatively solve visual marketing hangups. This project, done in collaboration with Story of Mar, proves just that. When her client Good Life Juice, an organic + cold pressed juice company out of Nanaimo, British Columbia, approached her about a way to visually represent their stockists without the use of logos that may compete with Good Life’s own brand image, she knew illustration was the answer. I came in to bring the concept to life through architecture-style sketches of a selection of their stockist’s storefronts.

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Heartfelt designs for a passionate dog rescue


Bunny’s Buddies is a Non-Profit based in San Diego, California that works to rescue, rehabilitate, and find loving homes for dogs threatened by the dog meat trade in countries like China and South Korea. I worked with the soulful founder, Amanda, to create hand-drawn creative marketing assets such as their logo, Instagram story highlight icons, and announcements for donation options. We worked together to capture her love of all things girly and glam, as well as her first fur-baby, Hudson (Golden Retriever pictured above).

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